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Parenting Emotional Intelligence In Children

With practice and parental support & consistency, a child's capacity to self-regulate dramatically increases. Self-regulation and emotional intelligence is the ability for an individual to adequately express and manage one's emotions, which requires awareness & understanding. The emotional intelligence of children has been neglected, to say the least, while society encourages children to focus on academic success. Excelling academically is important, but should not be at the expence of a child's development of emotional intellicence, which is suggested to be a stronger indicator of success in the latter part of life. A significant area of emotional intelligence that strongly predicates a child's success is self-control. Children that have developed the capacity to restrict emotionally driven impluses and block out distractions tend to have a higher degree of beneficial social interactions and achieve goals.

Developing emotional intelligence begins with a sense of awareness because before an individual can express and manage their emotions the must gain understanding of the underlying behavior that drive the emotional response. Emotions are not meant to be ignored and serve a vital role in the process of evolution because our emotions are strong behavioral motivators. 

Because emotional intelligence appears to be such a strong predictor of success, researchers have looked into useful modalities that can be used by parents to encourage the healthy development of emotional intelligence. Emotion coaching empowers parents to help their children connect with their emotions and express them appropriately. Sometimes this can take a great deal of time, but is worth the time invested. It is essential for children to fully experience their emotions through feelings, without judgement, and space to excerise the ability to tolerate them to have a positive progression developmentally.

Parents that incorporate emotion coaching value negative emotions, are not impatient with a child’s expression of them, use emotional experiences as opportunities to connect with their children, offer gentle guidance by helping their child identify & label their emotions, which leads to a healthy resolution. There are many resources & tools to assist parents in helping their child become a healthier, happier, and more emotionally stable individual. I have personally used a variety of resources and would love to support you in any way possible in promoting your child's holistic development. A great starter program that I personally recommend is called The Time-In Tool Kit. There is also a self-paced Positive Parenting Class that I really enjoyed and found easy to incorporate into parenting as a single mother. Learning Circles are a great community to join where you can learn and grow with other parents and an excellect source of support. Power of Families Radio is phenomenal on-demand audio podcast that covers a multitude of relevent topics many parents face. For more resources, referrals, assistance, or learn more about developing your child's emotional intelligence email us at I support the holistic development of children and encouraging parents to empower their children to be the best version of themselves they can achieve.

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~Blog Post by Markita Davis~