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Passion Driving The Business

Here at Sensai Select Apparel & Accessories our passion is people. We take pride in providing quality stylish apparel & accessories for children of all ages, but apparel is only a small aspect of what we do and who we are. We believe kids are not just kids. They’re more than that. They’re unique. They’re genuine. They’re authentic and gifted in of a multitude of ways. Our mission is to cater to the child as a whole, recognizing every intricate element they possess to empower them to be the best version of themselves.

Appearance is important but does not define who they are or the divine gifts the possess. As they get dressed everyday embodying their personal flair for fashion it is important to nurture them for the inside out to promote their holistic well-being, mind, body, and spirit. Children that have a stronger sense of self develop in a manner that equips them with the necessary tools to navigate through life. Self-awareness promotes resiliency, love, happiness, optimal health, and success. Every day is full of real experiences. Big wins, small successes, little lessons, new learnings, and we celebrate them all with you. For us at Sensai Select Apparel, it is about wholeheartedly embracing the unique gifts inside of each child, supporting parents, and empowering them do the job that is sometimes the toughest in the world. —we’re as all-in as every parent and kid, squeezing every last drop of joy from each day. It’s also about being present in the moment to genuinely connect with parents and children in ways that improve how they feel about themselves and the world around them. Helping kids express and discover themselves through fashion, smart products, activities, or just offering a simple smile will never be too precious. And it’s about individualism, as well providing the authentic experiences and drawing out your child’s confidence so they will boldly speak their truth and stand in their power without wavering.

We humbly sit in a seat of service that has presented itself through this platform because our efforts are worthy of each one-of-a-kind kid out there and the parents that care for them. We understand busy lifestyle of parents and finding quality apparel can be time consuming. Time with your family is important to us. That is why our personal stylist will find apparel you like, value, and tailored your style preference. We take the hassle out of shopping, so you can take time for yourself because you are a valued.