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I would like to thank and show our gratitude for taking the time to shop with us. I believe that every person is unique in a special way and possess different divine gifts, but overall, we all connected in some form. Sensai Select Apparel & Accessories was founded by Markita Davis. I am a single mother of 3, my passion is people, and my desire is to serve (I have a soft spot for parents & children). I faced challenges work-life balance and found shopping to be a hassle with barely any time for myself which lead to burnout. As a parent my primary goal was to care for my children, but I failed to realize I was sacrificing  myself. After all a parent’s responsibility is to their children. Self-sacrifice of any parent will subsequently become the sacrifice of their children without realizing it, while smothering your authentic self. Self-care is essential and I am a firm advocate for parents to care for themselves because it will enhance your parenting capacity and have a residual effect in all of your relationships.

I deeply relate & understand the busy lifestyle of parents and how time consuming, shopping for quality pieces can become. Time with your family is important to here and that is why our personal stylist will find apparel you like, value, and tailored your style preference. Apparel only clothes the outer vessel and my mission exceeds clothing. My desire is to serve as a resource that will empower parents, increase resiliency in children, and promote holistic well-being through connection. Connection is a vital element in nurturing a child, that is why my goal is to take the hassle out of shopping and serve as a resource to meet your holistic needs, so you can take time for yourself and connect with those that are important in your life.

Before making an intentional shift towards a new life path, I was holding on to the wrong things and missing out on life.  Finally, I am holding on to what matters, following my innate guidance, and resting in an authentic expression of who I was born to be, and it has given my life new meaning. I believe that God chose me to have a revelation about how I want to spend my days here on this earth. When you understand that God chose you and has a tailormade plan for your existence, your life will begin to shift in a new direction and will be the greatest journey you ever imagined. I was chosen to tell this story because of what really matters to me, leading me to let go of limiting beliefs, and insignificant distractions life sends. Encouraging to stand in my power and be grateful for the things that really matter. Come on and join me; grasp what really matters to you to stop existing and start living.

Stop by my blog to stay current on trending topics that benefit parents and children.